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When doing renovations to your space, the walls often get the most attention when it comes to painting the interior. If you want a paint job to be done correctly, it is also as important to focus on the ceiling as well. Roof leaks, spills, and overflowing sinks can leave your ceiling looking ugly. Because the ceiling is such a prominent part of the house, it is almost impossible to cover up any damage unless you apply a coat of stain blocking primer and a fresh coat of paint.

Like all paint jobs out there, a successful process begins with proper preparations and organization. If you are having a professional team come over to handle your ceiling painting, there are some things that you must to prepare for the process such as:

Clearing out the space

Remove as much furniture and accessories as you can from the room to ensure that they are not damaged by dripping paint. The fewer items that you have laying around, the easier your movement will be. Ensure that you remove all the window dressings, curtains, shelving, and artwork that you may have on the walls. If you have large pieces in the room such as a grand piano, try and move them to the centre of the room and cover them up with a proactive tarp or plastic.

Use drop cloth for the floor

Cover the floor with a high-quality drop cloth to protect the floor or carpeting from imminent spills and drips. You can purchase a drop cloth from the local supplies store easily but whatever you do, do not use plastic because it will stick to your feet and it will not stay put. Place masking tape over the window and door frames and protect the windowsills as well.

Repair any damage

Drywall cracks, imperfections, pits, and stains should be removed before the paint job can begin. The amount of repair to be done will depend on the extent of the damage. You will also have to take care of the stains resulting from water damage using a stain blocking primer. If the damage is bad, apply 2 coats just to make sure that the protective layer lasts as long as possible.

What to remember

  • When pulling off the tape around your windows and trim, remember to be gentle if you want to avoid tearing off the old paint underneath.
  • Always prime just to be safe even if you are not sure whether you need it or not.

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