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Your choice of colour has a great and lasting effect in your home. It can feel bright and vibrant, cool and serious, or even dull and somber. Colour has an effect on the look and mood of the house. You can use it to highlight focal points around the house. Applying a fresh coat of paint in and outside the house is one update that never fails to achieve a change.

But picking colours can get a bit confusing at times. This is more so in a house with different personalities. Some people will prefer neutral and calm-inducing colours, while others will prefer brighter more energetic colours. Even when staying alone in the house, it can also become tricky to pick the colours because there are millions of hues that are visible to the eye.


Interior Paint Colour Consultation

The colours painted and used for interior painting make set the mood in the house. Remember that these colours can make a big difference when you are preparing a sale because the colour communicates a like or dislike about the house.

Straight Edge Painting’s team comprises of qualified and experienced colour consultants and painters. They are also conversant with different home design and décor styles. They understand the role colour plays in creating the feeling of space, flow and mood.

Our colour consultant works step-by-step with you to guide you in picking the colours that work best in your house in regards to the natural light available, space, and how the room is used. The end goal is to have a home that feels positive, beautiful and more cohesive.


Exterior Paint Colour Consultation

The colour of your house exterior is a big factor in your home’s curb appeal. This is the first thing that your guests see when coming in at the gate. A fresh coat of paint on the siding or stucco can give a big feeling of an updated house. The house gives an instant makeover. Upgrading the exterior paint with a simple touch up of the trim and doors is one of the most used but effective house updates.

Our colour consultants are very knowledgeable in matters to do with colours and how they play out during different phases of daylight. They can help give your house a personality. Having worked with numerous colour brands over the years, these are colour experts who can give very good product recommendations.

Do you need help with picking the right colours? Straight Edge Painting will provide a written paint colour overview having considered your expectations of the renovation or update. You can finally pick your colours with confidence.

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