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Colour matching is an important aspect of any d├ęcor or home improvement project. Colour consultation, as well as custom colour matching services, involves examining interior and exterior surfaces in order to determine whether the colours available are right for the home or property in question.

To get the right colour match, first and foremost, you have to rely on the services of a professional that has years of experience and one that has consolidated a reputation for their colour matching services. Colour matching is a time-consuming process that requires a trained hand and eye to distinguish even the smallest variations in colour.

Why would you need colour matching services?

Colour matching services are ideal for home and property owners that are looking to paint their exterior and interior a specific colour that is unavailable or hard to find. For instance, a business may want to use their trademarked company or brand colours for their interiors. To ensure that the correct colour variation is used, they can rely on the help of colour matching services.

At times, homeowners may want to update their paint job and if they are living in an old house, the colour formulations that were used originally may be out of production. In such cases, the homeowners can turn to colour matching services to produce a unique formula.

Thanks to technology and state of the art electronic systems, it is now possible to find the actual colour that you are looking for by conducting an actual experiment in the laboratory. Tools that are used in the process of colour matching such as spectrophotometers have become a lot more advanced which allows colour matching services to produce closer matches, speed up the process, as well as reduce the final and associated costs.

How to get the perfect colour match

The journey to getting the perfect colour match starts by handing in a sample that can be analyzed through a digital reading. The information that is revealed in the reading is referred to as a prescription and it will contain the exact amount of pigments in the sample so that it can be replicated in the new formula.

Keep in mind that although photos can help, they may not offer the most accurate basis for your colour matching requirements. As such, a sample is often the best way to go if you want the best results. To get a sample, all you have to do is remove some of the chipped paint on your wall and carry it with you when you visit the paint dealer next.

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