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Interior walls will inevitably get a few knocks, dents and chips that necessitate drywall repair and wall painting every now and then. It is ok to do some repairs DIY style but for bigger projects, it is better to engage the services of professional tradesmen. This is especially when you are working on the siding where plumbing, gas or electricity is running through. This is advisable to keep away from risks including leaks and electrical fires.

Straight Edge Painting is a team of experienced home maintenance professionals. Handling major drywall repairs is routine for the experienced tradesmen, who will usually a combination of work like repairs and painting. What are some tricks that our tradesmen use for perfect work in drywall repairs?


Self-priming filler for a better finish

After working on holes and dents, you have to paint the spot to cover the patch. Applying a primer helps blend the spot into the surrounding. A self-priming filler helps avoid this step making work quicker, and avoiding the foggy look usually seen on patches.


Use setting compound to fill bigger holes

Patching compound is a bit inadequate for dents that are larger than a dime. It is better to use a setting compound that hardens over a larger area without the risk of breaking off during sanding.


Stick on patches for midsize holes

Midsize holes are the size of doorknobs. The quickest way of patching these holes is by using mesh patches. To make it easier to patch, use a setting compound, set the patch over it, and then cover it with a layer of joint compound.


Denting to avoid ridges

When nails and screws are pulled out of drywall, they will usually leave a ragged hole in a hole surrounded by protruding material. You can avoid the protrusions by denting the area slightly, then applying the patching compound such that the whole area is flat.


Repair spray for hairline cracks

Hairline cracks are usually seen around door and window framing as the drywall takes the strain of the door or window. It is hard to cover these cracks permanently and they keep recurring. But you can use repair spray to hide over these cracks.


Highlight unseen dents with a raking light

Position a light such that it highlights the defects on the drywall to fix them completely.


Professional drywall repair

Straight Edge Painting is a professional home maintenance service company that will help you keep your house in good shape with both minor and major repairs. Contact us for drywall repairs as well as other house updating jobs.

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