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Your regular garden hose will sometimes prove woefully inadequate against accumulated and hard stuck mud. Washing oil grime off the garage floor, deep dirt on the fence for fence painting or a well-used deck and other dirty surfaces will often prove difficult when the right technique is not used. Pressure washing is superior to mop and bucket, or garden hose and sponge washing. The good thing is that a pressure washer can also throw cleaning water high heights to clean dormer windows and even the roof.


How does pressure washing work?

The concept of pressure washing is simple. Water hitting the surface at a high pressure will dislodge dirt particles from that surface. Pressure washers shoot water at very high pressure, and in large quantities. Pressure is measured in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), and the rate of water measured by Gallons per Minute Inch i.e. how much water passes through an inch in 1 minute.

While a regular garden hose that has been cramped at the water opening will achieve 50 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), a typical pressure washer can achieve up to 4,000 PSI. The force generated by this pressure is enough to knock off all dust particles from a surface.


What can be power washed?

Power washing is suitable for washing the house exterior including the siding and the decking. It is also suitable for washing a tarmac driveway. In dry and dusty season, a power washer can be used to wash dirt off the roof and the higher sections of a house.

Pressure washing is very effective at softening stuck-in dirt like mud on the decking. This works more efficiently than scrubbing off using a stiff brush. Power washing is quick, less tiring and best suited for washing large surfaces.


Different power washing settings

Different pressure settings are used on different materials:

  • High-pressure settings of 3,000 PSI and above releasing water at 5 gallons per minute is used for cleaning hard surfaces like brick, concrete, granite and quartz. The water is sometimes heated to clean off grease and
  • Low-pressure settings of 100 PSI is used to clean fragile stone and concrete
  • Cold pressure washing is used on heat-sensitive surfaces like painted surfaces
  • Dry ice pressure washing is used to clean surfaces that are sensitive to moisture including food handling equipment


Professional Power Washing

Straight Edge Painting is a professional painting company and offers a wide range of home maintenance services including pressure washing. If you need to wash a large surface fast, call us for professional pressure washing services that are quick, efficient and desirable.

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