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How is Proper Wall Painting Done?

Properly painted exterior walls can have a very dramatic refreshing look on a house. Exterior wall painting is an update that never fails to impress when it is done right. The curb appeal increases exponentially. That is it is one of the things real estate agents will advise you to do if you plan to put the house on the market. But there are many house owners and painters who go wrong in wall painting, leading to a dull looking wall, or one that is streaked by irregular paint application.


Washing The Walls

Washing carries off dirt and debris on the surface, allowing for smoother paint application. For hard surfaces like concrete or granite, it is safe to use a power washer. However, it should be avoided for fragile stones and wood. Use a scrubbing brush and hose. Add a cup of chlorine and 1 cup of phosphate to make a weak bleach to get rid of stains


Scrape Off The Old Paint

After the wall is dry, the previous paint will peel, blister and bubble. It needs to be scraped off. This is often done using a grinder with savings trapper. If you are scraping a house build before 1978, take care to use a nose mask because paints of that era were toxic.


Sanding The Walls

Whatever remains should be sanded using number 100 or 120 sandpaper. Quicker stripping can be done using chemical strippers. Advanced infra-red strippers are also used.


Patching & Filling Holes

The next step involves gouging out and cutting off wall sections that are damaged beyond repair. This is especially important for wooden walls damaged by mold and fungi. A fast drying patch can be used to cover minor cracks and dents, then sanded over. For deeper cracks, epoxy is used to fill in. At Straight Edge Painting, we provide more than wall painting, we also provide drywall repair services.


Priming the wall

Priming is important in wall painting as it enables the paint to adhere well to the surface. The primer is also useful in hiding spots, blemishes and nail heads that are not cleared by sanding and stripping. Primer makes the top coat come out brighter and more vibrant.


Final Painting

Using the right paint on the suitable surface makes wall painting results last longer. Oil paints are best for metal surfaces and high traffic areas as they offer higher resistance. Acrylic paint works well for outer walls because it does not crack in the heat and cold cycles.

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