What To Consider When Hiring a Painting Contractor

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There are many good and professional contractors out there. But there are a few rotten eggs who give the rest a bad name as well. For every ten good stories about painting jobs done right, there will be a tale of woe from a client who came across an unscrupulous, inexperienced or under-resourced painting contractor who couldn’t pull off the job correctly. Here is how to pick the right painting contractor.



How long has the painting contractor been in the industry? It is understandable that everyone starts somewhere, but a new painting contractor should be able to furnish references of successful painting jobs he has been involved in. has the painting contractor ever handled a  painting job like yours? If you are working with a relatively new painting contractor, the lead painter should at least have demonstrable experience.



A painting contractor’s resources in staff and equipment determine the size of the contract that he can handle. If you want a 10-bedroom home painted, it would be overwhelming for a 2-man crew. Consider the resources against the job you want to be handled.

Be sure to ask about the deployment of sub-contractors. Some painting contractors will take a job bigger than they can handle, and turn over some of it to sub-contractors. These sub-contractors are often in rushed jobs to make up for their lower pay. If a painting contractor uses sub-contractors, he should be ready to guarantee their work.


Guarantee of work

There are two main kinds of guarantees in a painting job. The manufacturer’s guarantee on the quality of painting products used. This is typically 10-15 years and some manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee as technology advances.

The second kind is the contractors’ guarantee of workmanship. The painting contractor could use the right quality of materials, but if the workmanship is poor, the results will be poor. Painting contractors typically offer a guarantee of 3-5 years on their workmanship. The longer the better, it also says that the painting contractor is confident in his workmanship.



There is a lot that can go wrong in a painting job, and sometimes it does; falling from ladders, damaged furniture when moving, paint spills on upholstery and fabrics, and so on. A painting contractor should be fully insured to guarantee that your assets are safe in case of an accident. The staff working on the site should be insured as well to avoid liabilities. Ensure to check all other required paperwork as well.

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