Woodwork Refinishing


Woodwork Refinishing

Looking for Fine Woodwork Refinishing?

Is your vintage woodwork deteriorating? For all its beauty and class as a building material, wood is very vulnerable to pest damage, moisture rot, sun damage, fungi, mold and mildew. Exterior woodwork like fences and wooden decks especially need close care to maintain their form. Woodwork refinishing is done to restore the wood’s appearance and maintain structural integrity.

Straight Edge Painting is a team of experienced craftsmen who are experienced in the woodwork of all types, both interior and exterior woodwork. We have the expertise and equipment needed to work on all type of woodwork at home or workplace.


Woodwork Refinishing Services

  • Woodwork inspection for damage
  • Full cleaning of wood items
  • Paint and stain removal
  • Sealant application
  • Refinishing woodwork with stain and paint
  • Consultation for Color and Stain
  • Eco-Friendly Product purchase consultation
  • Restoration of historical wood items


Painting vs Refinishing

Touching up woodwork with stain and vanish is a quick and affordable way of giving it a refreshing look. But it does not go deeper into the wood where problems like pest damage might be lurking. Refinishing, on the other hand, goes deeper and is very good in bringing out the beauty of the wood underneath.

Refinishing woodwork works well for older items that have faded and become dull over time. This is more so in older homes. Refinishing is more involving than painting but gives better results that last longer than painting. If you require a professional painter or refinishing contractor contact the team at Straight Edge Painting.


Woodwork Refinishing Process

  • Stripping the old finish– This removes the old coat of finish
  • Scraping – A dull scraper is used to scrape off the old finish. Gentle pressure is applied when scraping to avoid gouging the wood
  • Sealing with shellac – The wood is rubbed with fine steel wool and denatured alcohol to remove the residue of the previous residue. A fresh coat of dewaxed shellac is then applied
  • Adding colour – This is done by applying a thin gauze of watercolour that contains dyes and pigments. Some hardwoods like maple do not absorb colour evenly and using aniline dyes work better to give them a uniform colour.
  • Applying the topcoat – When the colour is uniform, a top thin layer of gloss is applied. For older more delicate woodwork, satin finishes work better than plastic based paints.


Professional Woodwork Refinishing

Straight Edge Painting has done successful wood refinishing for hundreds of homes. We are a team of experienced craftsmen for whom satisfactory results are the first goal. Call us for a consultation on effective refinishing of woodwork and professional deck painting and fence painting.

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